Here is my story...

One distant day
near a sparkling stream
lived a whimsical woman
who loved stories. 
She loved reading them and
listening to them but never shared them. 
Folklore, Fables, Legends, and True tales were her friends and she created beaded whimsies, dolls, drawings, and books from their enchanted inspiration. 

Until one day after sharing another story with her children she decided to become a storyteller and an Artist
She created parable stories.
She dressed up and told stories of times gone by.
She created art that told the stories of Spirit and she proudly declared to whoever would listen
"Fall in Love with Story!" 

She still lives by the water that's called the Sound and tells her stories far and near. 
But that my friends is another story, for another day to hear. 

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Artist Bio:

Kristin creates Visual and Wearable Art with a focus on beadwork. She also writes whimsical stories inspired by ancestral wisdom, nature, and folklore. Her work is heavily inspired through meditation and dreamwork. Kristin is currently working on "Journey to the Rose Quartz Temple" a parable story illustrated with narrative beadwork. She is the author of "Cerulean and the Snake" and "Love Mandalas" she is also a Member Artist of Columbia City Gallery as well as the National Storytelling Network and Healing Story Alliance. Kristin resides in Seattle, WA with her loving family. 


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