Mother of the Healing Waters 


When I started this piece, I had the intention to just surrender to the imagery that has been circling in my mind and heart.
As a mother of three it can sometimes be a challenge to surrender to my art practice, but in this case the images and inspiration were becoming almost unbearable to hold back.

I started beading the heart first which represents the heart chakra.
While deciding which beads and colors would go where that still small voice of my intuition guided my hand.
I kept asking the Divine "what am I going to call her? A goddess, fairy, angel?" I didn't get a response until I finished her up last night.
These are the words that came forth.

"I am the mother of the healing waters, I represent the healing within your hands and the hands of humanity. I offer a reminder to lead in service from the heart. I represent the mother's and the mother's mother's and all the women who have served from their hearts."

My prayer is that her healing waters flow like a river into your heart, inspiring you to honor your divine expression and service to humanity.