A parable story for all ages....

Cerulean and the Snake is a story I love performing for elementary schools, as it affirms their ability to create and acknowledges the beauty of their imagination. 

Cerulean and the Snake is a story of a young girl with a strong connection to Nature. She can speak to the flowers, animals, and the river. 

When her gifts threaten to make her an outcast, she meets and unlikely friend who helps her honor her gifts.



This story is perfect for inspiring resilience, creativity and imagination. 

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The story of Cerulean and the Snake came to me during a meditation. I remember walking to my desk and typing it up in minutes. I sent the story to a few close friends to see how they resonated with the message, and received affirming feedback. The next step was to begin illustrating the book. I decided on a simple illustration style to leave room for the imagination of the reader. This book is ideal as a chapter book or read aloud. 


Cerulean for me represents the inner child.....It’s a very powerful lesson on manifestation and the internal power we possess but forget, as we mature in a society based on the suppression of such powers. This story makes me feel empowered.
— Nalyse Seymore @SelfStuff
Such an awesome story...I’m so Inspired to create something new
— Tamara Zenobia - Butterfly Jazz Intuitive Arts