Jobs, Careers and Purpose

How can you start off a blog? 

It's the same as starting off a creative project in my opinion. You know staring at a blank canvas, page or project. You really don't know where to begin sometimes. So it's best to just dive right in. My first few posts will talk about some of my past so that you can learn more about who I am as a creatress. 

My first Job was a rather unusual one but it started me down the path of training my creative abilities. When I was about ten my mother opened a flower shop up in my father's memory. My father passed away when I was nine and his dream was to be an entrepreneur. The flower shop was the perfect opportunity my mom felt to honor my father and to express her creative skills, all while starting a family business. 

Oh my goodness, how I used to resent going their every day after school. I should mention at this point that it was located inside of a funeral home. After school hang-outs for me included walking home from flag squad practice and helping my mother prepare casket sprays. At about seventh/eight grade I started helping out in the chapel that was there too, I would pass out programs for viewings. It was really an interesting experience. As a child, I would see the bodies inside of the caskets and we would beautify them caskets with the flower arrangements and floral sprays. Sometimes when we were locking up at night I would say prayers for the deceased and sing a spiritual. In my mind I worried that they would be in the building all alone. 

Looking back on this period of my life, I realize this was the ground from which I started to develop my connection to Spirit. At that time in my life I had just lost my father, and felt enraptured with grief. I looked for hope, but had daily reminders of people transitioning, but it was juxtaposed against making beautiful things. I started searching for the Divine and learning the ways of flowers, the meanings, purpose and message behind flowers. I always had a strong connection to Spirit from my early childhood, but my lessons on beauty/rebirth and cycles was really learned first hand working alongside my mother. 

BTW: We made floral arrangements for other occasions too, like weddings, holidays and proms. So it wasn't all morbid working in our family flower shop. Eventually my mother branched out and had another location, where we learned event design and created more elaborate floral works for events in our community. 

I am so thankful to my mother for being my first teacher in creating art. The medium was flowers but the practice of making beautiful things every day, has stuck with me, and I make it my mission to create things every day because of it. 

Thank you for reading and supporting my work.