Whimsical Illustrations

As some of you know last year was a trying time for my family and I. One day I hope to truly go into depth about the things that happened. However, one thing has remained constant in my life….and that is the healing power of Storytelling and Art.

I am working on a series of Whimsical Illustrations, poems, flash fiction, and short stories to share with you all soon.

But let me leave this illustration and poem with you…..

whimsical illustration.jpg


I see Love Mojo peering at the sun with one roller skate looking for her mate.
I see a bright eyed woman contemplating whether she will blow a trumpet that makes sounds with bubbles.
A robot with donut eyes staring at a freshly baked cake in the window.
An underwater princess making a call on the starfish network to see if anyone else can see the love cloud sending a message through the turbulent waters above.
A unicorn snail heading for the beach praying that his dream of riding on a sailboat comes true.
I see a flower spirit standing up for the rights of her sistren.
In the middle a clown oracle sends a letter with express priority to tell all the beings about the royal proclamation.
The proclamation is LOVE.